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Ophthalmology in Singapore offers advanced keratoplasty and treatment of eye cancer

Singapore offers quality comprehensive check-up and treatment of almost any eye disease in adults and children. Specifically, the success rate for keratoplasty in cases of severe drop in vision reaches 91% while a patient may choose to have his/her corneal be transplanted partially or in layers.

Normally, specialists conducting this type of eye surgery in Singapore use Boston keratoprosthesis (artificial cornea) which can be easily adjusted to immune system and has excellent optics. Only a few dozens of eye surgeons around the globe can implant keratoprosthesis.

Local prices on eye procedures are moderate. On both eyes, Epi-LASIK costs $3,000, LASIK starts from $2,250, while for photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) local ophthalmologists would charge about $1,500.

Ophthalmology and eye surgery in Singapore also encompasses:

  • cataract surgery
  • refractive surgery/LASIK
  • neuro-ophthalmology
  • paediatric ophthalmology
  • intraocular lens implants
  • ocular tumors and cancer treatment
  • eye trauma

Overseas patients looking for eye care in Singapore also inquire about eye surgery in Malaysia.