BIMC Hospital
  • BIMC Hospital

    Doctors on call from BIMC Hospital Kuta visit patients in their hotels

  • Ambulance services

    BIMC Hospital Kuta offers the 24h Emergency Centre with first aid motorbikes

  • BIMC-Medical Staff

    Staff at BIMC Hospital speaks English and arranges interpretation if needed

  • Emergency Room

    BIMC Hospital has at its disposal helicopters and aircrafts for air ambulance

  • CT-Scan Control Room

    BIMC Hospital offers Siemens 6-slice CT Scan, 3D Ultrasound and digital X-Ray

  • Digital X-Ray

    Health screening at BIMC Hospital is carried out for adults and kids

  • Operating Theatre

    BIMC Hospital operating room has HEPA-filter for fresh air flow and sterility

  • Pathology

    Pathology department at BIMC Hospital uses Olympus CX21 for a variety of tests

  • Ultrasound Room

    At BIMC Hospital ob/gyn screening is always gentle and painless

  • Ward Room

    BIMC Hospital takes pride it its wards with a view and nurse call buttons

Nephrology at BIMC Hospital (Nusa Dua): Dialysis Center with single-use consumables and spa treatment

Dialysis Center at BIMC Hospital is the only place offering dialysis in Bali for patients with chronic kidney failure.

Keeping a high profile in tourists from Japan, Australia, and elsewhere, Nephrology Center at BIMC Hospital offers the following services for its visitors:

  • single use consumables including internationally approved blood lines, Elizio dialyzer, etc.
  • kidney specialist examination
  • spa procedures during 4-5 hour dialysis sessions
  • private dialysis rooms overlooking scenic landscapes and golf fields
  • entertainment systems, TV, WiFi, etc.
  • multilingual team with knowledge of English, Japanese, French, German, and Indonesian
  • shuttle from nearby areas
  • light snacks and beverages

In terms of safety and protocols of treatment nephrology at BIMC Hospital (Nusa Dua) complies with Australian standards, including water quality assessment. Its 8 dialysis modules and 2 private rooms are available 6 days a week except Sunday with 2 dialysis sessions per day.

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If you have a chronic kidney failure and are planning your vacation, to keep a few things in mind:

  • a dialysis facility should always ask you about your serology test results or make the test on site
  • you may wish to first make all necessary prearrangements related to your dialysis and take care of other parts afterwards
  • it would be a good idea to choose your accommodation in close proximity to the chosen dialysis facility not to spend your vacation on the road
  • bring medications prescribed at home with you

You may choose to stay at one of fully-equipped vacation rentals with your family offered by BIMC Hospital as part of Dialysis Center discount program.

The length of stay and villa category may vary depending on your preferences. All villas are located within a walking distance to Dialysis units and a beach.

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