20 Sep 2017

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What About Rigvir®? Lung Cancer Treatment Means Using Oncolytic Viruses Injections

A word ‘virus’ is hardly associated with positive healing options, but you’ll soon change your mind. The thing is, Riga virus (Rigvir®) is a virus designed specifically to conquer cancer cells. Its oncolytic capabilities were revealed in the middle of the 20th century in Latvia with the destination becoming an educational and treatment hub for virotherapy advocates and patients.

virotherapy lung cancer

Rigvir® is stored in cooled vials.

Once you receive an injection, your virotherapy begins. Rigvir® scans your organism looking for cancer cells. When they are detected, the medicine travels from one cancer cell to another destroying them from the inside. The specific feature of Rigvir® lies in leaving the healthy cells of your body intact.

Virotherapy makes a better impression than other types of therapies because it doesn’t cause any side effects. Indeed, the only one registered is body temperature 37.5°C/99.5°F, which is slightly higher than usual. Moreover, Rigvir® is also a non-pathogenic virus. It means that no other diseases will appear – its only function lies in destroying malignant tumors.

Though Rigvir® trials began with melanoma patients in 1968, some lung cancer and sarcoma patients were the next to follow. In the medical journal APMIS, Acta Pathologica Microbiologica et Immunologica Scandinavica, issued in July 2016, the following results of 3 studies of Rigvir® influence published[1]:

Cancer type   Standard rates for standard treatment methods,years Period within which a patient's condition improved, years 
 Stage IV melanoma  3.5  1.5
 Stage IIIA lung cancer  7.0  6.5
 Stage IV histiocytic sarcoma  6.6  4

 To crown it all, Rigvir® shows its efficacy even in late stage cancer treatment. It is able to improve health level during a long-run recovery process. It was finally registered in Latvia in 2004 with entering the pharmaceutical market in 2005. In ten years, Georgia became the second state in the world to register virotherapy as a method of cancer treatment. In 2016, Armenia also joined the range of countries to recognize Rigvir®.

Would you like to try out Rigvir® treatment? If so, you should first qualify for the therapy, so make sure you collect the following documentation for an oncologist to assess it at no cost:

  • Epicrisis
  • Radiological findings (MRI, CT)
  • Histopathological documents
  • Cytological findings
  • Full blood count (with regard to WBC) made no longer than 2 weeks ago

48-72 hours are needed for the free case evaluation, and as soon as the conclusion is made our support specialist will get back to your with the medical opinion. If you qualify for the treatment, you can then start preparing for the trip to Latvia as there are no waiting times for cross-border patients looking for virotherapy.

Oncolytic Virotherapy: Lung Cancer Treatment with Three Packages

Jurmala is not only a scenic and peaceful resort, but also a place where a world-known Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic is located. Rigvir® treatment can last up to 3 years, but it usually starts with 7-day Complex Virotherapy Start-Up Package. It comprises:

  • Transfer from the airport, when you arrive in Latvia
  • Cozy accommodation
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • 3 Rigvir® vials
  • Mental therapy through communicating with a psychologist, art therapist, acupuncture specialist, and other ones
  • Daily support by multilingual medical and administrative team
  • 3-month plan for you to keep up treatment when you leave Latvia

As for financial side, the package costs EUR 7,000 if you opt for a standard room. A superior one features a personal terrace and Jacuzzi, that’s why its price is EUR 10,000.

virotherapy lung cancer virotherapy lung cancer virotherapy lung cancervirotherapy lung cancervirotherapy lung cancervirotherapy lung cancer

In 3 months, when you finish Complex Virotherapy Start-Up Package, your oncologist may advise you to continue with your treatment based on how well your body responses to treatment. In such case, you’ll have to opt for an Onsite Follow-Up Package or a Remote Follow-Up Package.

Onsite Follow-Up Package is your 3-day visit to Latvia including:

  • Development of your personal three-month follow-up plan
  • The number of recommended Rigvir® vials
  • Personalized set of meals
  • 1 consultation with a physiotherapist, art therapist, psychologist, or another specialist

The price for such package is EUR 3,000 excluding Rigvir® cost.

Unless you’re eager to fly, you may be willing to administer Rigvir® at home. This can be done with Remote Follow-up Package including:

  • Follow-up plan for the next three months
  • Consultation with an oncologist via Skype during 30 minutes
  • Assessment of your previous virotherapy experience
  • Healthy diet advice to maintain your level of health
  • Monthly support by doctors

Without Rigvir® vials, the program costs EUR 2,100.

List of References:

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