4 May 2020

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Rigvir® Virus in Germany:
Case Evaluation In 48–72 Hours and Home-Like Approach

If you’ve been cancer clean after chemo, radio, or surgery, but then the disease returned, most likely you are searching for alternative treatment. And while there are a few countries offering virotherapy along with vitamin C injections and hyperthermia, here’s why it can be a good idea to consider Germany in the first place.

Rigvir® can be combined with a number of other anticancer therapies

The Chief Oncologist of the clinic is the one who evaluates your case within 48–72 hours or sooner

The clinic is located within less than 1,5-hour drive from Munich International Airport. Other than medical procedures, the treatment package also include meals and accommodation

Rigvir® can be combined with a number of other anticancer therapies

In the clinic you have access to Rigvir® therapy as well as other anti-cancer treatment programs depending on your health condition. The procedures available on-site include:

  • thermotherapy
  • minimally-invasive surgery
  • Buserelin therapy
  • hyperthermia
  • acupuncture
  • naturopathic complex program
  • detox and purification therapies
  • etc.

The Chief Oncologist of the clinic is a board member

He decides whether a cross-border patient like you can benefit from Rigvir® therapy. You can rest assured that your medical files will get an expert look and you will receive the answer within 48–72 hours.

The clinic is located with less than 1,5-hour drive from the Munich International Airport

The driver will pick you up at the airport and bring you directly to the clinic.

rigvir cancer

Your Pathology Report, Blood Count, and Other Medical Files You Need To Collect To Qualify For Rigvir® Therapy

  • biopsy (or pathology report)
  • lab tests
  • cytology report
  • PET/CT/MRI scan results
  • etc.
Before we go further, let’s run through the list of medical files you need to gather for the oncologists to evaluate your case. They include: These records are necessary for the medical team to study your case. Once you submit the required medical files, you will have the medical statement specifying whether or not you qualify for Rigvir® sent to your email. Normally the evaluation process takes not more than 48-72 hours. Our experience shows that the U.S. patients manage to provide the papers faster than those living in Europe. In either case, it wouldn’t hurt to start collecting your medical records as soon as possible regardless of your geography.

In Germany, The Oncologists Will Track How Well Your Body Responses To Rigvir® And Immediately Introduce Appropriate Changes If Needed

Before we answer your questions about how safe Rigvir® therapy is, let’s take a closer look at the venue

If flying to Germany isn’t an obstacle, you will be undergoing treatment at the clinic of integrative medicine situated close to Munich in Germany and Innsbruck in Austria. Everybody speaks English here, starting from the driver who meets you at the airport to the oncologist with whom you will have daily consultations.

The Rigvir® injections will be administered by a nurse after the skin test to check if you aren’t allergic to the drug. In case you are, the injection (2 mL = 0.07 oz) may be split into parts and taken together with immunosuppressant drugs

Rigvir® Therapy Causes Slight Increase Of Body Temperature Being Its Only Side Effect

We understand that you still have questions about how safe is Rigvir®. To receive your answers, fill out the form on the right so the patient coordinator will get back to you in less than 24 hours.

But if there’s one thing you should take from this article about the safety of Rigvir®, it’s that the only side effect registered so far is a slight increase in body temperature (up to 99.5°F/37.5°C) that disappears in three days.

Another patient-friendly feature of the medicine is that it is not multiplying itself outside the malignant cell. This means that Rigvir® leaves healthy tissues surrounding the tumor safe.

Success Rates Of Rigvir® Therapy In Numbers

Rigvir® isn’t a magic pill. Not even close to it.

And if we stick to dry facts, officially the drug improves the survival rates in melanoma patients only. However, real-life experience shows there’s much more to it than just treating melanoma. Here’s what you should know about the success rates of Rigvir® since 1960’s until today.

The three-year survival rate for patients with melanoma treated with surgery alone was 46–58 %.

Melanoma patients who received Rigvir® therapy showed a three-year survival rate of

57–84 %

and a five-year survival rate of

44–66 %

The five-year survival rate for patients with stage III stomach cancer after surgery alone was 24–33 %.

Patients with the same diagnosis who completed Rigvir® treatment showed

47–60 %

survival rate

The three- and five-year survival rates for patients with ocular melanoma were

90 % and 70 %


The five-year survival rate for patients with stage II–IV rectal cancer after surgery alone was 41–68 %.

Patients with the same diagnosis who completed Rigvir® treatment showed

71–78 %

An oncolytic, nonpathogenic ECHO-7 virus adapted for melanoma that has not been genetically modified (Rigvir®) is approved and registered for virotherapy, an active and specific immunotherapy, in Latvia since 2004...

These results indicate that the patients treated with Rigvir® had a 4.39–6.57-fold lower mortality than those under observation... In conclusion, Rigvir® significantly prolongs survival in early-stage melanoma patients without any side effect

All patients started Rigvir® treatment within a few months after being diagnosed and are currently continuing Rigvir® treatment... Using current standard treatments, the survival of patients with the present diagnoses is low. In contrast, the patients described here were diagnosed 3.5, 7.0, and 6.6 years ago, and their condition has improved and been stable for over 1.5, 6.5, and 4 years, respectively. These observations suggest that virotherapy using Rigvir® can successfully be used in long-term treatment of patients with melanoma stage IV Mic, small cell lung cancer stage IIIA, and histiocytic sarcoma stage IV...

If you or the one close to you would like to qualify for Rigvir® therapy in Germany, click the button below.

We will contact you within 24 hours including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays to put you through to the relevant patient coordinator at the clinic. Please note that the price tag of the program is constant no matter who you contact first — International Medical Tourism Center or the clinic.

P.S. Please note that Rigvir® has never been a panacea. If based on your medical files you can’t benefit from using Rigvir®, the medical team will inform you immediately.

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