12 Sep 2017

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Steps to Qualify for Rigvir® - Clinic in Latvia

A Latvian professor Aina Muceniece invented Rigvir® in the 1950-60s, and since then virotherapy has become more common. Virotherapy is a cancer treatment method based on using oncolytic viruses. Prof. Muceniece managed to detect one of them, ECHO-7 virus, in the digestive system of children. This virus was called Riga virus (Rigvir®) to be spread in more than 20 countries where oncologists learn how to apply it.

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Rigvir® makes it possible to fight tumours and metastases

What distinguishes Rigvir® from other types of therapy is its operating principle. When Rigvir® penetrates into your organism through an intramuscular injection, it starts to look for malignant cells. Once they are found, Rigvir® travels to each cell and annihilates it from the inside.

A wide range of clinical trials has proven that Rigvir® can significantly increase survival rates and reduce metastases in case of:

  • Glioblastoma
  • Different types of sarcoma
  • Lung cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Kidney and bladder cancer, as well as other types.

When it comes to leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma, there’s no clinical research that confirms the effectiveness of Rigvir® treatment with the diagnoses.

You don’t need to worry about the side effects as Rigvir® causes almost none of them. The only side effect reported so far has been a slightly increase in body temperature (37.5°C / 99.5°F). Moreover, Rigvir® never hurts healthy cells of your body, destroying only malignant ones.

Rigvir® registration in Latvia took place in 2004, and afterwards, Georgia recognized virotherapy on the official level (2015). Armenia (2016) was the third country to register Rigvir®. However, virotherapy clinic in Latvia remains the most popular destination for Rigvir® patients.

Each cancer case is like no other and yours isn’t an exception. So, if you’d like to qualify for Rigvir® treatment at Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic in Latvia, the first thing for you to do is to collect your most recent medical documentation including:

  • MRI
  • CT
  • Full blood count (including WBC)
  • Biochemical analysis for creatinine and ALT
  • Histopathological findings
  • Cytological data

Evaluation of the case is free of charge and usually takes 2-3 business days. As soon as you get evaluation results, you can proceed with applying for 7-day Complex Virotherapy Service Package at the coast of the Baltic Sea.

How Treatment Process at Virotherapy Clinic in Latvia Is Organized

Once you’re admitted to starting virotherapy course, you’ll be offered a 7-day Complex Virotherapy Service Package. When you arrive in Riga, Latvia, careful English-speaking driver will meet you at Riga airport and take you directly to the clinic.

At the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic you will receive:

  • 3 Rigvir® injections under an oncologist’s control
  • Latest tests which show the current state of your health
  • A number of sessions with a psychologist, art therapist, and other specialists
  • Nutrition recommendations and meals based on your doctor’s advice
  • Constant assistance of medical team
  • Prescription for further treatment – 3-month follow-up plan
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Accommodation is also included, and in case you opt for a standard room, the price for the whole program is EUR 7,000. Choosing superior room means you’ll have to pay additional EUR 3,000, and the total price will be EUR 10,000.

When a week in Latvia comes to an end, you have to keep on applying virotherapy according to your 3-month follow-up plan. Up to 11 additional Rigvir® vials can be prescribed to you.

After 3 months pass, the virotherapy process continues. It means that now you should make up your mind between Onsite Follow-up Package and Remote Follow-up Package.

Onsite package implies that you’ll come back to Latvia for another 3 days to get:

  • Evaluation of your previous Rigvir® treatment experience
  • Plan for another 3 months
  • Updated nutrition plan
  • Assistance of well-qualified medical personnel
  • 1 meeting with a specialist – acupuncture, art therapy, or physiology etc.

Charges for Rigvir® vials are not included in the package which by itself costs EUR 3,000.

If you’d rather stay home, you may wish to consider Remote Follow-up Package. It is less diverse, but it provides you with:

  • Monthly assistance of an oncologist and immunologist
  • Assessment of the previous virotherapy
  • Updated 3-month follow-up plan
  • Nutrition recommendations based on your current health needs

Without the cost of Rigvir®, such package costs EUR 2,100.


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