Thinking about traveling abroad for treatment?

Find the clinic you need in only 24 hours. The extensive database at International Medical Tourism Center covers 21 clinics in 27 countries so we can quickly narrow your search based on your location and medical needs.

Get medical opinion from western-trained doctors with minimum 10 years of experience. Based on medical records and images you provide we send you pre-screening results approved by 3 different medical experts from around the world.

Benefit from services available to you for free of charge. Clinic matching, medical opinion, translation, flight & hotel booking, visa support, and transfers are all on us.

Enjoy a clear picture of costs. Once you make an informed decision about your medical destination, we provide you with an itemized list of expenses related to your hospital stay.

International Medical Tourism Center have assisted 184 medical travelers for the past 5 years. Most medical inquiries we receive are related to infertility treatment, cancer issues, orthopedics, cardiac surgery, and neurology.

Our Top 5 Hospitals Worldwide
  • BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua

    BIMC Nusa Dua Accredited By Australian Council On Healthcare Standards International

  • rigvir-latvia-cancer-treatment.jpg

    Rigvir Cancer Treatment in Latvia since 2004. Virus with a powerful cancer killing capacity.