16 Aug 2017

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Step 1 for Rigvir® in Canada - Free Evaluation of Your Case

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Virotherapy for Canadian patients is available on the coast of the Baltic Sea

Rigvir® (abbreviated from Riga virus) is an oncolytic virus, which was developed in the middle of the 20th century to destroy cancer cells in human bodies. Its principle of operation is quite simple: the virus is injected into the muscle to scan your organism for cancer cells. After finding the malignant cells it penetrates there and annihilates them from inside. Rigvir® also triggers the immune system leveraging its potential to fight the tumor.

 A specific feature of Rigvir® lies in the absence of side effects (except for a slight increase in body temperature – 37.5°C or 99.5°F). Surrounding tissues remain unaffected. Unlike other viruses, Rigvir® is non-pathogenic meaning it doesn’t result in any other illness. Your oncologist can recommend virotherapy as an individual treatment, or combine it with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Rigvir® was registered in Latvia in 2004, and later on, it became officially recognized in Georgia (2015) and Armenia (2016). Being a home country to Rigvir® treatment, Latvian virotherapy centers have already shared their experience with specialists from more than 20 countries.

Rigvir treatment in Canada isn’t widely available even though the demand is increasing each year. However, you may get Rigvir® straight to your doorsteps after completing a week long virotherapy treatment course at Global Virotherapy Cancer Treatment in Jurmala, Latvia.

Your cancer case is like no other. That’s why you get an evaluation of your case at no charge before starting the treatment. For free assessment you should provide the following medical documentation:

  • Full blood count made no longer than 2 weeks ago, including White Blood Cells
  • Radiological analyses – Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging etc.
  • Biochemical analysis, incorporating creatinine findings and alanine transferase
  • Histopathological and cytological findings
  • Medical report

Step 2 for Rigvir Treatment in Canada – Complex, Onsite, or Remote Package

Once you receive an approval, it’s time to prepare for your trip to Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic in Jurmala, Latvia offering a 7-day Complex Virotherapy Service Package. The Canadians don’t need to apply for Latvian visa, so you can use your internal passport to enter the country.

The Complex Virotherapy Service Package includes:

  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure
  • 3 vials of Rigvir®
  • Daily medical consultations with the oncologist and immunologist
  • Nutrition plan designed specifically for you
  • Art therapist, psychologist, physiologist, or acupuncture specialist sessions
  • 24/7 medical and administrative support by multilingual staff
  • 3-month treatment plan including up to 11 Rigvir® vials based on how well your body responds to treatment

Depending on accommodation, Complex Virotherapy Service Package costs EUR 7,000 (for a standard room) or EUR 10,000 (for a luxurious room with Jacuzzi and terrace). If a family member or a friend accompanies you, they can live either in the same room or separately, which costs EUR 100 and EUR 200 accordingly.

virotherapy cancer ottawa rigvir canada

Onsite Follow-Up Package is recommended as a part of your treatment process and includes:

  • 3-day stay at the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic
  • Consultation with an oncologist
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • A session with one of the specialists: art therapist, acupuncture specialist, psychologist etc.
  • Another 3-month treatment plan including recommendations on the frequency of Rigvir® vials

It costs EUR 3,000 while Rigvir® vials should be purchased at an extra charge.

As for Remote Follow-Up Package, you don’t need to leave Canada to get it. You can get in touch with the oncologist via Skype who will evaluate your latest medical records after Complex Virotherapy Service Package and provide further recommendations. With Remote Follow-Up Package you get:

  • Individual 3-month treatment plan based on your latest medical records
  • Month-to-month medical support
  • Personal nutrition plan

The package price is EUR 2,100. Additional charges are applied for Rigvir® vials.


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