5 Sep 2017

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Is It Possible to Get Rigvir® in the UK?

rigvir uk

A patient is getting ready to receive another Rigvir® injection

Unlike most viruses, Rigvir® doesn’t result in additional health problems targeting only cancer cells. The operating principle is simple: after you receive a Rigvir® shot the virus sets off for a mission to target and destroy malignant cells. 

Side effects caused by Rigvir® include somewhat higher than usual body temperature (37.5°C or 99.5°F), but it’s a single recorded drawback. Moreover, since 1968 a number of clinical trials were conducted engaging melanoma patients and patients with other types of cancer. According to them, Rigvir® is able to increase the survival rate of patients with:

  • Lung cancer
  • Glioblastoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Bladder, uterine, ovarian, and prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Skin cancer

Only several blood cancer types are not responsive to Rigvir®. They are leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.

Based on the clinical studies, the scientists came up with the following statistics:

  • 3-year survival rate for melanoma patients is 57-84%
  • 5-year survival rate for melanoma patients constitutes 44-66%
  • 3-year survival rate for ocular melanoma patients is 90%
  • 5-year survival rate for ocular melanoma patients makes up 70%
  • 5-year survival rate for stage III stomach cancer patients is 47-60%
  • 5-year survival rate for stage II-IV rectal cancer patients went up to 71-78%

General conclusion, made in a medical journal Melanoma Research in October 2015, is that use of Rigvir® increases survival rate in 4.39–6.57 times.

You can apply virotherapy as the only way to treat cancer, or you can join it with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Just consult your oncologist for specific recommendations.

Rigvir® was registered in Latvia in 2004, then in Georgia and Armenia in 2015 and 2016 accordingly. Even while staying in the UK you can send your medical documents to Latvia for doctors to evaluate your case. If Rigvir® treatment is suitable for you, you can choose between 7-Day Complex Virotherapy Service Package and Remote Follow-Up Package. The oncologists from Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic will carry out a free case evaluation based on the following medical files:

  • Recent full blood count including white blood cells
  • Biochemical analysis for creatinine and alanine transferase (ALT)
  • Radiological analysis (CT/MRI)
  • Medical report
  • Cytological and histopathological findings

In 2-3 days a customer support representative will get back to you with the results of the evaluation. Afterwards, you’ll be given specific instructions so you can easily plan your journey to Latvia.

Choose Your Destination for Rigvir® Treatment: the UK or Latvia

The whole virotherapy process takes up to 3 years. If you decide to qualify for the virotherapy course, visit Latvia for 7-day Complex Virotherapy Service Package, or choose Remote Follow-Up Package to stay at home.

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7-day Complex Virotherapy Service Package implies:

  • Full transfer from/to the airport at your arrival/departure
  • Conducting new blood tests and checking if you’re not allergic to Rigvir®
  • 3 Rigvir® vials under an oncologist’s observation
  • Day-to-day support by careful personnel
  • Development of a 3-month treatment plan with the prescription of Rigvir® injections
  • Visits to an acupuncture specialist, art therapist, psychologist, and a physiologist

Standard accommodation (EUR 7,000) or luxurious accommodation with a Jacuzzi and personal terrace (EUR 10,000).

If the accompanying person (a family member or a friend) prefers to stay with you in the same room, EUR 100 are paid additionally. In case they prefer having a separate room, it costs EUR 200.

Once you have performed the 3-month plan with Rigvir® injections (up to 11) under a doctor’s observation, you can try Onsite Follow-Up Package or Remote Follow-Up Package. They differ in price (EUR 3,000 and EUR 2,100 accordingly) and content.

Remote Follow-Up Package gives you opportunities of:

  • Staying at home without the need to fly to Latvia
  • Consultation with a qualified oncologist via Skype during 30 minutes
  • Month by month support of the doctors
  • Recommendations on the suitable nutrition
  • Development of 3-month follow-up plan

Keep in mind that you’ll be prescribed more Rigvir® vials during and after these packages, and they have to be purchased additionally.

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