29 Aug 2017

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Rigvir® Virus: Mode of Action, Testimonials and Free Evaluation of Your Case

In a nutshell, Rigvir® (or Riga virus) is a virus originating in babies’ intestines and destroying certain types of cancer cells. In addition, the virus is non-pathogenic which means it does no harm to your body by fueling other diseases. Prof. Aina Muceniece, a Latvian immunologist and scientist, discovered the virus and human body reactions on it back in 1950-60s.

rigvir cancer

Rigvir® vial contains ECHO-7 virus to fight tumours

Further observations proved that the use of Rigvir® vaccine reduces mortality among melanoma patients in 4-6 times, according to the study published in October 2015 by Melanoma Research. By now virotherapists have accumulated years of experience in treating the following conditions with Rigvir®:

  • Melanoma
  • Bladder cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Different types of sarcoma
  • Breast cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Ovarian cancer etc.

Importantly, Rigvir® can be applied for solid tumors only disregarding blood cancer types such as myeloma, lymphoma, and leukemia.

The operating principle of Rigvir® medicine starts from the intramuscular injection. Then it scans your body for the cells damaged by cancer. After reaching the target, Riga virus destroys the malignancy from inside cell by cell.

 The researchers have also demonstrated the efficiency of Rigvir® in fighting metastases. You can apply Rigvir® therapy as an addition to your radiotherapy or chemotherapy, and also as a single method to annihilate cancer cells. As for side effects, some patients reported only a slight body temperature rise (37.5°C or 99.5°F). Another patient-friendly feature of Rigvir® is that it doesn’t affect healthy tissues located around the tumor and beyond.

Rigvir Virus for Cancer and Its Official Registration

Rigvir® virus for cancer was registered for medical use in 2005 in Latvia, and the next two countries to recognize the drug officially were Georgia and Armenia. Despite this fact, Latvia remains a hub for Rigvir® educational and cancer treatment purposes. If you would like to apply for Rigvir® cancer treatment in Latvia, the doctors need to first evaluate your case based on the following medical records:

  • Biochemical analyses for creatinine and alanine transferase (ALT)
  • Recent full blood count, including white blood cells indicator
  • Radiological findings, i.e. computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Histopathological findings
  • Cytological findings
  • Full medical report

The patient coordinators will email you the assessment results in 2-3 days after you submit all of the required documents.

Rigvir® Therapy in Latvia for National and Overseas Patients

Since 2011, Rigvir® has become a state reimbursed drug, which means that Latvian patients receive the vials at no cost. Nevertheless, if you come from another country and qualify for Rigvir®, you can also get the therapy. Following your free case evaluation, patient coordinators at Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic will offer a 7-day Complex Virotherapy Service Package in Jurmala, Latvia. Depending on a type of accommodation, it costs EUR 7,000 or EUR 10,000 for a standard room or for a superior one accordingly. The package includes:

  • Transfer to the clinic on your arrival
  • Testing whether you aren’t allergic to Riga virus
  • 3 Rigvir® vials
  • Daily meetings with oncologist and immunologist, constant analyses of your medical indicators
  • 24/7 support by multilingual medical and administrative personnel
  • Art therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, and mind&body therapy sessions
  • Consultations with nutritionist to make up a personal diet
rigvir cancer


Once you complete the virotherapy course, you’ll also receive a treatment plan for the next 3 month, and additional Rigvir® vials will be prescribed to you (for additional cost). After passing these 3 months of treatment, you may go for either of these follow-up options to continue the treatment:

  • On-site follow-up package, or
  • Remote follow-up package

On-site follow-up package implies that you’ll visit the Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic one more time for 3 days. You’ll receive:

  • Another 3-month treatment plan including the recommended frequency of Rigvir® vials
  • Consultation with an oncologist
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • One visit to psychologist, art therapist or another specialist of your choice

Excluding the cost of additional Rigvir® vials, the price for this package is EUR 3,000.

In case you aren’t able to travel over to Latvia, you may opt for Remote follow-up package. It costs EUR 2,100 and encompasses the following:

  • 30-minute Skype chat with an oncologist
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Monthly patient service
  • Further 3-month treatment plan including the recommended frequency of Rigvir® vials

Please remember that you’ll have to purchase all Rigvir® vials at additional cost.


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