7 Aug 2017

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Virotherapy for Cancer: Overview, Diagnoses, and Packages for International Patients in 2017

Virotherapy was discovered thanks to Aina Muceniece, a Latvian immunologist, who conducted her research in the middle of 20th century. She managed to find a virus ECHO-7 produced in intestines of babies, which became the basis of Riga virus (briefly called Rigvir®). In a next decade, it’s healing effect was successfully proved due to Rigvir® treatment of people with melanoma.

Some patients who were treated by Aina Muceniece directly, are still living and thriving. They highlight her individual approach to every patient’s health generally, and to the frequency of injections in particular. This principle has become the basis of work of the world’s most prominent virotherapy cancer treatment center - Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic in Jurmala, Latvia.

Rigvir® has demonstrated its efficiency in healing different types of sarcomas (reticulosarcoma, angiosarcoma, lymphosarcoma, leiomyosarcoma etc) as well as cancers that affect:

  • kidneys 
  • prostate 
  • skin 
  • rectum
  • pancreas
  • bladder 
  • uterus
  • breast 
  • ovaries
  • etc

 According to the latest study published in October 2015, virotherapy cancer treatment reduces mortality of patients in 4-6 times.

Virotherapy Cancer Treatment Options in Latvia: Start-Up and Follow-Up Packages

Both Latvian citizens and overseas patients can apply for virotherapy. The Latvians can receive Rigvir® vials for healing malignant tumours followed by government reimbursement. For foreign citizens, it’s essential to provide the latest medical records in digital format to undergo free case evaluation.

Cross-border patients arrive in Jurmala, Latvia for Rigvir therapy

If you get approved for Rigvir therapy in Latvia after the assessment which normally takes 48-72 hours, here’s what happens next:

STEP 1. You arrive for 7-day Complex Virotherapy Start-Up Package which costs EUR 7,000 for a standard accommodation (or EUR 10,000 for a luxurious room) and provides:

  • Constant examination of a patient’s health due to analyses, everyday immunologist and oncologist consultations, and 24/7 medical support
  • Checking if a patient has allergy to Rigvir®
  • Personal nutrition plan
  • Sessions with acupuncture specialist, art therapist, psychologist etc.
  • 3-month follow-up program with 11 vials as a maximum amount of Rigvir® (purchased additionally).
consultation Rigvir therapy

During the consultation at virotherapy clinic in Jurmala

STEP 2 (optional) After completing step 1 you may choose to opt for Remote Follow-Up Package which includes:

  • Development of a 3-month plan for cancer cure
  • Half an hour Skype chat with an oncologist
  • Personal approach to working out a nutrition plan
  • Month-to-month support by qualified specialists.

The price of the program is EUR 2,100, or the equivalent in such currency as may be appropriate.

After the 7-day start-up package, you can be prescribed up to 11 Rigvir vials delivered to your home address

Alternatively, after the 7-day start-up package you may decide to arrive in Latvia for the On-Site Follow-Up Package, which includes:

  • 3 days in Global Virotherapy Cancer Clinic
  • Daily consultations with specialists – oncologist, immunologist etc.
  • Custom-tailored nutrition plan
  • One session with an art therapist, psychologist, or acupuncture specialist etc.
  • 3-month cancer treatment plan.

Such an option costs EUR 3,000.


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