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    Vienna. Royal Residence.

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    Vienna. Always the most beautiful pieces of art.

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    Vienna. Maria Thereza Square.

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    Austrian Sweets. Everyone can find the best for oneself.

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    OSCE Head Quarters

Medical tourism in Austria for patients coming from Europe, Asia, and other locations

  • Austrian and German hospitals are similar in introducing established treatment protocols and technical equipment. Also, the state health care has been growing at the rate of specialization of each area of medicine. All "classic" medical fields have excellent efficiency and success.
  • Medical assistance provided to foreign patients is not limited to private clinics including state and university medical centers as well.
  • In all medical institutions the quality of service is equally high while employees speak English, French, and sometimes Russian. The similar situation is common to medical tourism in Belgium. 
  • The pricing policy of medical treatment in Austria is much more loyal than in Swiss hospitals; however, medical service on average is 10% more expensive than that in neighboring Germany and 40% pricier than in Brazil. And still, Austrian clinics professionally compensate this difference providing special rehabilitation packages at local resorts.
  • By early 2015 there were 6 medical institutions in Austria accredited by JCI - the most authoritative body accrediting health care organizations based on international standards.

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