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    Vienna. Royal Residence.

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    Vienna. Always the most beautiful pieces of art.

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    Vienna. Maria Thereza Square.

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    Austrian Sweets. Everyone can find the best for oneself.

  • OSCE Head Quarters

    OSCE Head Quarters

Cancer treatment in Austria for patients from Europe, Asia, and other locations

The country offers cancer treatment of all types applying radiation and chemotherapy as well radiosurgery to treat brain tumors. High success rate of Austrian oncologists is shown in removing esophagus tumors followed by plastic surgeries (the application of colon and small intestine to restore the digestive tract).

Oncology treatment in Austria belongs to country’s top treatments largely due to the use of latest developments in medical equipments and academic research. Similar level of quality and expertise is demonstrated by specialists in Germany. However, if you are looking for alternative cancer treatment read about virotherapy in the UK.

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