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5 reasons to choose medical treatment in Belgium

1. According to the World Markets Research Centre, Belgium features the lowest record among European countries in terms of the level of infection where it equals to 0.5%.

2. Private and university medical centers apply latest technologies including robotic hardware systems, electron microscopy, invasive neuroradiology, and computer navigation. In terms of technological advances undergoing treatment in Belgium is highly reliable.

3. Belgium an as easily accessible location in the heart of Europe.

4. Patients coming from abroad will appreciate the lack of a language barrier as the vast majority of physicians speak English, Dutch, or French. If necessary, medical institutions can provide Russian speaking staff as well.

5. Belgium attracts international patients because its prices are lower than in Germany while the level of comfort in Belgian clinics is similar to that during medical treatment in Spain.

International medical travelers on a budget often inquire about Brazil and the Czech Republic. Those looking for melanoma treatment ask about virotherapy in Latvia.