Czech Republic
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Medical travel in Czech Republic for patients coming from Europe, Asia, and other locations

  • The Czech Republic has long been known for its resorts that have become the touchstone for many people who want to improve or regain their former quality of life.
  • Over the past few years, infertility treatment in the Czech Republic has been its most prominent achievement in medical tourism. Nowadays the country can offer quality health care to couples at more affordable prices than Western European neighbors.
  • Despite the fact that prices in health care in the Czech Republic are among the lowest ones in the EU, in 2005 local medical institutions introduced the robotic operating system Da Vinci, which performs very precise operations and leaves scars only up to 1 cm while the first Czech Clinical Hospital pioneered the use of the Ampli Chip in central and eastern Europe. The use of such device determines the effectiveness of the drug for each patient to minimize erroneous dosage and side effects.
  • Due to its proximity to Germany, many doctors speak German and actively use English in dealing with foreign patients. 
  • Almost all health facilities are located in the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague or its suburbs. And only a few of them with the same level of quality of treatment are situated within 200-300 km from the capital.
  • In early 2015 medicine in the Czech Republic featured 4 hospitals accredited with JCI - the most authoritative body providing standardization of medical services according to international requirements. 

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