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    Frankfurt on the Main. Landscape view

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    Berlin. Christmas

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    Frankfurt on the Main. Old houses

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    Mountain view. Fussen

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    Chiemsee Palace.

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    High Castle. Fussen

5 reasons to choose medical treatment in Germany

Medical tourism in Germany is popular in international patients like you who wish to play it safe and quickly improve the quality of life for long

  1. Chances are, you have long heard of the quality of such widely recognized German brands as BMW, Bosch, and DHL. Pursuing similar quality in medical technologies, the country has given the world such names as Karl STORZ (minimally-invasive equipment) and Carl ZEISS (optics) which are known to MDs internationally. Therefore, many opt for Germany because of tested and applied high-precision equipment as well as research-based treatment programs, for example, hyperthermia cancer treatment.
  2. German clinics are oftentimes chosen by celebrities in cases of complex medical assistance. Medical facilities in Germany guarantee complete recovery in case of timely health screening.
  3. German medicine for mass "use" has been discovered by the citizens of the U.S. and the UK more than 15 years ago as back home they had to wait for months and years to get the required procedure. So, no waiting lists and less costly procedures than in the U.S. and the UK is an important reason for patients who are on tight schedule. 
  4. Accurate diagnosis based on outstanding scientific and technological base. Records show, specialists here avoid surgical treatment where possible if the situation allows.
  5. A significant number of medical centers and hospitals are affiliated to universities allowing for a deep interdisciplinary approach.

Patients considering their medical trips to Germany also read about healthcare systems in Greece and Hungary due to the geographic proximity. Many of them inquire about Rigvir Deutschland, a virotherapy in Latvia in German language. If you are one of them, please use Google Translate or get in touch with us trough the Contacts page.