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Medical tourism in Greece for patients coming from Europe, Asia, and other locations

  1. Greece is a popular destination for patients from other countries thanks to its rich rehabilitation options at gorgeous sea beaches. Together with Greece, foreign patients often consider health tourism in India as an excellent recreation area after treatment.
  2. Private health care providers numbering 200 are ready to offer their patients a high level of medical services combined with highlighted comfort equal to that in 5-star hotels. This feature is very similar to medical treatment in Hungary.
  3. Even though according to the World Health Organization, the Greek health care system takes the 14th place, to attract international patients, its prices for medical services were made lower than in Germany or Austria. In addition, since the end of 2010 the cost of medical care has been decreasing and by early 2013 dropped by 20%.
  4. In Greece, private health care providers are extensively upgrading medical equipment so all country’s medical facilities boast latest medical technological advances. To get the most of the material and technical base, local doctors attend workshops and hands-on training conducted outside the country. 
  5. In early 2013, a medical facility in Greece was granted a Joint Commission International Certificate (USA) recognized as healthcare gold standard.

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