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Alternative medicine in India is represented by over 2,800 clinics and 7 national institutes

Statistics shows, most patients flocking to India are either spiritual or have had unfortunate or resultless experience in medical care. Here, they find:

  • naturopathy
  • holistic medicine
  • herbal medicine
  • Reiki
  • aromatherapy
  • bioenergetics
  • chiropractic
  • etc.

Ayurveda tourism in India combines spiritual vacation and health improvement

India is the world’s center for Ayurveda. The basis of ayurvedic procedures is body aiming at saturating it with medicinal oils. Traditional mainstay of treatment is Panchakarma or five-step detox program excellently practiced at Dr.Franklin's Panchakarma Institute, a place widely known in yoga followers. The minimum duration of the course to achieve positive change in the treatment of neurological and skin problems is 14 days.

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