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Patients from the U.S, Canada, and Zealand traditional seek proctology and colon surgery in India

In Indian proctology clinics specialists who return from their studies in Europe and the U.S. treat all kinds of diseases of colon and rectum for lower price (polypectomy for $3,000).

They apply laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques and traditional surgical procedures including ligation of internal hemorrhoid latex rings, vascular photocoagulation, and surgical treatment of hemorrhoid thrombosis, eliminating entrapment.

Conservative treatment of anal fissures is applied for quick relief and blockade of pain symptoms. 

Colon surgery in India often implies AL including accommodation, meals, and airport pick-ups

The list of conditions treated by local surgeons include:

  • hemorrhoids
  • fistulas
  • fissures
  • rectal prolapse
  • colon cancer (For alternative cancer therapies read about Rigvir in South Africa.)
  • colon tuberculosis
  • etc.

Overseas patients interested in proctology in India also ask about orthopedic and cosmetic surgery in Israel.