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Kidney transplants in India’s major cities start from $16,000 and offer no queue with a living donor

For patients having a living donor Indian hospitals offer immediate medical program with no waiting time. Together with pre- and postoperative period kidney transplant package lasts up to 1,5 months.

Average cost for kidney transplant in India ranges from $16,000 to $18,000 including health evaluation of both the donor and the patient, surgery, medication, follow-up care, and stay in private rooms. After the surgery, donor can return to their normal life in 12 days.

Traditionally, recipients and donors come travel to New Dehli, Chennai, and Mumbai from both Americas, the UK, East Asia, and Australia where prices for kidney transplants are tenfold higher. As it’s always about two individuals, local surgeons are doubling their effort to provide excellent medical care with long-term result.

National healthcare in India has long introduced in local hospitals quality standards and infection control to demonstrate full compliance with requirements patients from other parts of the world are accustomed to.

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