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Medical tourism in Indonesia for patients coming from Europe, Asia, and other locations

  • Private medicine in Indonesia is spreading its capacity to provide medical assistance to foreign nationals. Given the number of competitors in the region, the country banks on "niche" medical tourism such as health check-up, dentistry, and cosmetic surgery with rhinoplasty and breast augmentation leading the game. This makes Indonesia similar to why international patients choose Italy and Israel as their medical destinations.
  • The most important advantage of Indonesia is its price even compared to the pricing policy of Malaysia or Singapore.
  • Most medical staff speaks English and German welcoming foreign patients and trying to please and satisfy their wishes in every way.
  • As strange as it may sound, the cost of alternative medicine treatment program is higher than that in hospitals of traditional medicine. The price is explained by the use of natural resources and the lack of specialists of the profile.
  • In early 2015 in Indonesia 19 medical institutions were accredited by the JCI under Hospital Program - the most prestigious organization to standardize the provision of medical services based on international standards.
  • Healthcare in Indonesia is popular among those who wish to combine vacation and aesthetic procedures.

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