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    Bahai Gardens. Haifa

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    Wailing Wall

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    Ancient Jerusalem

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    Al-Aqsa Mosque

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    View of Jerusalem

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    View from the Masada Fortress

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    Desert Mountains

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    Landscape near the Dead Sea

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    The City of Haifa

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    Hippodrome at Caesarea

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    Israeli craft

Medical tourism in Israel: palpable cost savings and high-end paediatric oncology

Tourist-friendly medical treatment in Israel helps you save up to 60% giving access to proven technologies such as Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

  • Today, by far the majority of foreign patients met by medical coordinators at Tel-Aviv Ben Gurion Airport carry U.S. passports. This is largely because many conditions are not covered under individual health care plans, making Americans seek medical care elsewhere. Another big chunk of overseas health travelers arrives in Israel to visit their family and friends who immigrated here years ago.
  • In Israel, adult and pediatric patients have access to hi-tech methods including ultrasonic Bonescalpel,  Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, Bio-Retina for the blind, capsule endoscopy, and cry-maze procedure for atrial fibrillation. Each year, nearly 65 initiatives and projects enter Israeli healthcare. An increasing number of high-techs in Israeli medical facilities make them very close to Japanese standards in terms of equipment and medical supplies. 
  • Since 2008, the number of patients looking for safe health tourism in Israel and rare treatments has been increasing mostly because of up to 60% cost savings compared to the U.S. and UK. As a rough guide, Israeli clinics charge $22,000 for brain tumor removal, $12,500 for reconstructive breast surgery after cancer, $6,000 for non-invasive kidney stone removal, and from $700 for an inpatient stay.
  • Israel shows one of the world’s highest cancer survival rates. For example, 87% of women survive during a 5-year period after having breast surgery while prostate cancer surgery shows to be effective in 92% of men over the same timeframe.
  • In Israel, pediatrics is a premium area with special focus on hemato-oncology and physical rehabilitation. Every day local surgeons, psychiatrists, volunteers, and hospital clowns make heart-melting efforts to save and improve children’s lives.
  • Tourist-friendly infrastructure and assistance with housing and airport pick-up will make your stay safe and comfortable. A smartly planned schedule would never hurt as July and August can be simply too hot for a pleasant experience. Similar to Italy, Israel is a great vacation destination for those who wish to enjoy the local beaches after treatment.

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