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    Bahai Gardens. Haifa

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    Wailing Wall

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    Ancient Jerusalem

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    Al-Aqsa Mosque

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    View of Jerusalem

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    View from the Masada Fortress

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    Desert Mountains

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    Landscape near the Dead Sea

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    The City of Haifa

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    Hippodrome at Caesarea

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    Israeli craft

Weight loss and bariatric surgery in Israel features 80% excessive weight loss after gastric bypass

In Israel, weight loss surgery is usually available to international patients in packages including tests, consultations with a dietician and a surgeon, 3-day hospital stay, airport-hotel-clinic transfers, translation,  and more. Here, gastric bypass may cost you $27,000 while for gastric banding package local clinics may charge you $20,000.

Types of weight loss surgery available in Israel include:

  • gastric banding (up to 70% excessive weight loss)
  • gastric bypass (up to 80% excessive weight loss)
  • sleeve gastrectomy (up to 70% excessive weight loss)
  • gastric plication (up to 50% excessive weight loss)

Today, when it comes to bariatrics in Israel most overseas patients inquire about weight loss surgery at Hadassah Hospital.

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