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    Bahai Gardens. Haifa

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    Wailing Wall

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    Ancient Jerusalem

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    Al-Aqsa Mosque

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    View of Jerusalem

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    View from the Masada Fortress

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    Desert Mountains

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    Landscape near the Dead Sea

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    The City of Haifa

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    Hippodrome at Caesarea

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    Israeli craft

Ophthalmology in Israel features specialized laser surgery which takes 7 seconds to perform

In Israel, eye clinics  regularly admit overseas patients like you who are looking for safe, fast, and affordable eye treatment. Specifically, after glaucoma treatment intraocular pressure returns to normal in 80% of patients allowing them to return home on the same day.

Israel can also be a good option for laser vision as local eye specialists including ophthalmologists at Hadassah Medical Center widely apply lasers such as Refractive Suite and WaveLight's Concerto. The operation lasts 7 seconds while vision improves up to -12 diopters for patients with short sight, +6 for those with far sight, and +8 in cases of astigmatism.

The price range covers vitrectomy for $9,000, cataract surgery for $5,500, and eye angiogram for $750.

Additionally to glaucoma, cataract, and uveitis, eye treatment in Israel focuses on:

  • paediatric ophthalmology
  • eye cancer (For alternative ocular melanoma therapy read about Rigvir sale.)
  • neuro-ophthalmology
  • etc.

Patients reading this article often inquire about neurology and oncology in Japan.