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    Bahai Gardens. Haifa

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    Wailing Wall

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    Ancient Jerusalem

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    Al-Aqsa Mosque

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    View of Jerusalem

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    View from the Masada Fortress

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    Desert Mountains

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    Landscape near the Dead Sea

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    The City of Haifa

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    Hippodrome at Caesarea

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    Israeli craft

Skin care in Israel features 88% success rate in psoriasis treatment

Israel is an absolute leader when it comes to psoriasis treatment achieving success in 88% of patients. Well-developed individual packages at the Dead Sea which normally last 2-4 weeks and consists of mud therapy, UV therapy, and application of ointments including skin under head hair.

To boost the healing effect of the Dead Sea,  Israeli dermatologists widely apply laser, PUVA (photochemotherapy), and vacuum therapy.  

Psoriasis treatment aims at removing itch-scratch cycle and vessel cauterization to block blood from feeding psoriatic cells. The cost ranges between $20 and $60 per day depending on your specific case.

Apart from psoriasis, extensive genetic and molecular research allows dermatology treatment in Israel to fight:

  • skin cancer (melanoma, Bowen disease, etc.)
  • hair loss
  • allergies
  • skin ulcers
  • etc.

Overseas patients looking for dermatology abroad often browse plastic surgery in Italy and Rigvir in Canada.