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6 reasons to choose medical tourism in Italy

With medical travel in Italy, you get access to Europe’s leading gynecologic oncology, IVF program for $5,500, and shopping in Milan

  1. According to the World Health Organization, Italian healthcare system takes the 2nd place following France in terms of quality and responsiveness to patient’s needs.
  2. Stats shows, 75% of foreign patients choose Italy for gynecologic oncology, hair transplantation, and plastic surgery. By way of example, similar services are popular in relation to healthcare in Japan in 60% of health travelers.
  3. Short-term flight from any city in Europe, shopping tours in Milan, and breathtaking sceneries around Capri, Tuscany, and Florence that allow combining vacation and treatment are 3 non-medical reasons that make Italy a popular destination for Europeans seeking medical advice and treatment.
  4. Italian physicians actively participate in studies related to stem cell therapy, genetic screening, ultrasound cancer cell removal, lymphatic nodes, and more.
  5. In Italy, prices for medical services vary mostly depending on the reputation of a chosen specialist. Specifically, hair transplantation (up to 2,000 grafts) may reach up to $6,000, an IVF cycle costs around $5,500 while a night at a single hospital ward starts from $70.
  6. By 2015, in Italy there were 24 medical institutions accredited by JCI, the most prestigious US-based organization providing standardization services to hospitals worldwide.

Patients who read this article also inquire about medical travel in Jordan and Rigvir Italia, a virotherapy in Latvia. The original article is published in English. However, if you would like to read the piece in Italian, please use Google Translate or get in touch with us through the Contacts page and we will help you find the solution.