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Plastic surgery in Italy has given the world the first nose job offering it for $5,000 today

Cosmetic surgery in Italy features the first nose reshaping in the world and long tradition of beautifying surgery. The most popular procedures in Italy in overseas patients include eyelid surgery, breast and penis enlargement and liposuction.

Body and face lipolifting - transferring fat from one body area to another - is becoming an extremely popular procedure in foreign patients.

While Italian beauty surgeons are true artists, their price lists have never been easy on the pocket. But again, it all dependsĀ on what you compare them to. Specifically, breast lift in Rome may cost you anywhere from $6,500 while nose job can be found for $5,000.

Cosmetic surgery in Italy offers you:

  • body reshaping after significant weight loss
  • legs lift
  • breast augmentation
  • ear remodelling
  • nose reshaping
  • etc.

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