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Cancer treatment in Japan fights colon cancer with one of the highest success rates in the world

When it comes to colon cancer in male patients, Japan demonstrates one of the world’s highest cancer survival rates. Tomotherapy (radiation therapy managed by computer tomography), proton therapy, Gamma Knife (for deeply rooted brain cancer), CyberKnife, and chemotherapy help local oncologists fight cancer at various stages.

Other treatments such as high dose IV vitamin C, hyperthermia, gene and stem cell therapy, and macrophage activating therapy are widely applied. Regular research is conducted to study the effects of various immunity boosters including ABM mushrooms.

The cost of cancer treatment at Japanese hospitals is on par with German and Israeli price (which is higher than cancer treatment at Mahkota Hospital (Malaysia)).

For instance, in Japan, Gamma Knife is in the neighborhood of $25,000, bladder removal costs less than $12,000, while chemotherapy course may be found for $5,000-$9,000.

In Japan, oncologists teamed with reconstructive surgeons and endocrinologists target cancer that affects:

  • prostate
  • liver
  • head & neck
  • blood
  • lungs
  • bones
  • etc.

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