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Gynecology in Japan features world’s top hi-techs and prices above average

Female patients from outside Japan can be sure they will feel safe and protected. Local clinics offer an array of surgical and non-surgical services for women of any age using proven hi-tech equipment. They include locally made Olympus optical equipment used during minimally-invasive surgery as well as Sony colposcopes for screening purposes.

While price is a key factor in choosing your treatment destination, in Japan be prepared to pay a bit more than you would in Europe or other parts of Asia (e.g. for gynecology at Prince Court MC (Malaysia)). Specifically, IVF costs around $15,000, minimally-invasive removal of myomas reaches $10,000, while comprehensive 1,5-hour screening for women can be found for $600.

Japanese gynecologists show excellent results in treating:

  • endometriosis
  • prolapse
  • myomas and polyps
  • fibromatosis
  • ovarian cancer (For alternative cancer therapies for women, read about Rigvir for breast cancer.)
  • etc.

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