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Neurosurgeons and neurology specialists at Japanese hospitals apply latest hi-techs

In Japan, neurosurgeons heavily rely on technology as brain and spinal cord surgery requires highest precision. Robotic technology, neuronavigation, and electron microscope with endoscopic and stereotactic techniques allow removing tumors with minimal or no cuts. For patients coming to Japan from overseas it means no scars, less after-surgery pain, and fewer days in the hospital.

Latest surgical hi-techs result in increased prices on neurosurgery compared to those offered by, say, neurologists at Mahkota Hospital (Malaysia). Specifically, repeated paediatric brain surgery with Gamma Knife (radiosurgery) may cost around $125,000 while in China patients will have to pay approximately $140,000.

Health travelers often come to Japan to seek help of local neurologists and neurosurgeons who show excellent results in treating:

  • Parkinson's disease
  • epilepsy
  • brain and spinal cord tumors
  • disc loss
  • vertebral displacement
  • etc.

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