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Japanese plastic surgery: platelet-rich-plasma and buttock enlargement with 10 years of guarantee

In Japan, you can find an array of surgical and non-surgical beauty procedures including face and body surgery, laser therapies, injections, and more. Trained specialists in plastic surgery in Japan use the Keller Funnel during breast augmentation surgery for safer procedure and long-term results and reshape buttocks with hyaluronic acid.

When it comes to prices, they can be categorized as slightly above average and higher than those offered by plastic surgeons at PAI (Thailand). By way of example, premium breast augmentation with Keller Funnel can be found for $6,500, Brazilian butt with 10-year guarantee implants may cost you $5,300, while nose reshaping with 365-days guarantee starts from $1,000.

Cosmetic surgery in Japan offers the following procedures:

  • fat stem cell injections
  • breast reshaping
  • eye reshaping
  • nose reshaping
  • platelet-rich-plasma therapy for hair growth
  • etc.

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