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Medical treatment in Jordan has skyrocketed over the last decade being cheaper than Egypt or Israel

Health tourism in Jordan features 11 JCI-accredited hospitals and affordable non-medical expenses

  • Jordan is the most tourist-friendly country in the Arab world with a stable political situation in the region.
  • The popularity of medical treatment in Jordan in cross-border patients is explained by the fact that local physicians are constantly upgrading their knowledge through training in the U.S. 
  • Jordan's reputation as a destination for medical tourism is associated with inexpensive prices on hotels ($100 for bed & breakfast for two), food ($5-10 per meal at an average restaurant), and transport ($3 for public transport and up to $10 for a taxi). When it comes to prices on healthcare services, hip replacement starts from $9,000 while angioplasty would cost you about $5,000.
  • Today, the country is known not only for its the Dead Sea and Red Sea spa resorts but also because of its well-equipped hospitals and clinics built according to latest projects.
  • By 2015, 11 Jordanian medical institutions were accredited by the JCI through Hospital Program - the most prestigious organization to standardize medical services according to international standards.

Patients looking for medical care in Jordan often inquire about Latvia and Lithuania