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Medical treatment in Latvia features one of the lowest hospital rates throughout Europe

Health tourism in Latvia

  • Medical treatment in Latvia would be an excellent choice if your life is at stake, but your budget stops you from asking for help from Israeli or German doctors.
  • Two key benefits of Latvian hospitals and clinics feature affordable costs and high-tech diagnostic and surgical equipment local medical facilities utilize to be on par with their colleagues from Germany and Malaysia.
  • Qualified English-speaking staff ensures non-stop attention and the child-friendly environment if you don’t have a babysitter. 
  • Being the EU-member, Latvia fully complies with European standards in health care featuring 2.3% hospital infection rate (compared to 3.1% in Germany and nearly 4% in South Korea) and the largest number of health clinics in Baltic Region.
  • To date, Latvian clinics usually charge $8,000 for hip replacement, $6,000 for a facelift, $3,000 for IVF cycle including medication, $500 for whole-body screening, and $400 for a metal ceramic crown. Similar price range is common in medical facilities in Lithuania.