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Best plastic surgeons in Latvia offer cost-effective procedures for time-limited travelers

In Latvia, plastic surgeons treat a wide range of defects from nerve injury and soft tissue to plastic surgeries on face, genitals and breasts as well as other manipulations. Most clinics including the nation's leading Janis Gilis Private Clinic use saline, silicone, or autologous fat grafts to improve body contouring.

Plastic surgery in Latvia is believed to be quite affordable. As a rough guide, expect to pay nearly $4,000 for breast enlargement, $3,500 for rhinoplasty, $2,000 for liposuction per area, and around $800 for upper lid surgery.

Plastic surgery clinics in Latvia will offer you all procedures available on the market including:

  • mammoplasty (breast reduction/lift/after-cancer reconstruction)
  • after-trauma surgery in adults and children
  • face and neck lift
  • scar removal
  • foot and ankle surgery
  • etc.

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