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Vascular surgery in Latvia involves tiny holes and only $15 per 1cm₂

Latvian vascular surgeons will offer you endovascular laser coagulation when veins are extracted through small keyhole cuts rather than through traditional incisions. This pain-free method along with sclerotherapy (chemical destruction of veins) minimizes your recovery and ensures excellent cosmetic effect. 

To define the treatment you need, your doctor will use high-end vascular screening methods including computed tomography, duplex scanning, ultrasound diagnostics, various types of angiography, etc. While getting a phlebologist’s advice and scanning would cost you up to $80, laser vein surgery is in the neighborhood for $15 per 1cm₂.

In Latvia, vascular surgeons offer many treatment options including:

  • laser surgery
  • foam sclerotherapy
  • minimally-invasive surgery
  • biological glue vein blocking
  • etc.

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