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Dentistry in Lithuania involves 3D screening, painless drilling, and delicious prices

At Lithuanian dental clinics, you will find a full range of services from laser blaster (painless drilling without a dental drill) to pain-free implantation and prosthetics. All dental services are performed after 3D screening, digital X-ray,  and other high-tech tests.

Thousands of couples and single travelers flock to Lithuania for dental treatment because of the quality of local dental work and pocket-pleasing prices. For example, expect to pay from $1,000 for dental implant incl. abutment and crown, from $500 for veneers, from $130 for root canal treatment per piece, and from $30 for a filling.

On top of dental implants, 3D whitening, and invisible braces, dentists in Latvia also specialize in unique dental procedures such as:

  • anti-ageing face-lift dentistry
  • bite lifting
  • bone regeneration
  • etc.

Mackevicius Clinic in Vilnius remains one of the most popular dental facilities for health travelers searching for affordable treatment with long-term outcomes.

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