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Medical treatment in Malaysia offers hip replacement for $10,000 and same-gender physicians

Here are 6 reasons to choose health tourism in Malaysia 

  1. Malaysia takes the third place after Singapore and India as an experienced player in Asian medical tourism industry. The Association of Private Clinics in Malaysia is involved in attracting foreign patients to the country creating one of the best-developed healthcare systems in Southeast Asia.
  2. Male and female patients from around the world choose sunny Malaysia to undergo hip replacement (from $10,000), infertility treatment (from $3,800), and other specialized procedures combining reasonable fees and perfect recovery destination.
  3. Medical personnel in private medical centers consists of board-certified surgeons and compassionate nurses available 24/7.
  4. Enjoying the reputation of a medical tourism hub, they usually speak English, German, French, Chinese, and other languages to make patients’ stay as comfortable as possible. If necessary, the physician will be of the same gender with the patient.
  5. In-house amenities including cafeterias with a religious menu, gym, WiFi, and TV as well as private rooms of any comfort level can easily be arranged.
  6. In 2015 in Malaysia there were 13 medical institutions accredited by the JCI - the most authoritative organization to standardize medical services according to international standards.

Patients who read about the benefits of traveling to Malaysia for treatment often inquire about medical tourism in Mexico and Poland. Many read about Rigvir therapy in Latvia.