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Ophthalmology in Malaysia provides around-the-clock eye emergency and LASIK for $3,400 for both eyes

Eye care in Malaysia features inpatient facilities for patients, 24/7 ophthalmologic emergency service, and specialized eye clinics for children. Applying latest technologies including Custom LASIK, Endo-Laser, and Scleral Graft, local clinics generously charge their patients. As a rough guide, LASIK surgery on both eyes would cost you about $3,400.

Centers of ophthalmology and eye surgery in Malaysia offer:

  • intraocular lens implants
  • paediatric ophthalmology
  • oculoplastics
  • laser surgery
  • refractive surgery
  • glaucoma treatment
  • cataract treatment
  • etc.

For alternative treatment of ocular melanoma and other cancer types, read about Rigvir in the USA.

Most international patients searching for ophthalmology services in Malaysia ask about cosmetology in Singapore.