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Orthopedics in Malaysia features full hip replacement for $8,000 and high-end pain management

Local orthopaedic surgeons are board-certified to treat trauma, age-related and congenital diseases, and other conditions in adults and children. Where possible, they apply computer-assisted and minimally-invasive surgery to reduce pain and hospital stay and to ensure better aesthetics.

In Malaysia, orthopaedic services are many and therefore they are widely available at a fraction of the cost. Specifically, hip replacement (both hips) costs from around $8,000 while the price for both knees replacement ranges from $7,000.

In Malaysia, orthopaedic surgeons specialize in:

  • hip, knee, elbow, shoulder, ankle, and finger replacement
  • fracture care
  • spinal conditions
  • disk replacement
  • foot and hand surgery
  • psoriatic arthritis
  • management of joint, neck, back and after-trauma pain
  • etc.

Foreign patients interested in orthopaedics in Malaysia often browse dentistry in Singapore and Rigvir in the USA.