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Trying skincare in Malaysia will give you access to facelift for $550 and laser resurfacing for $150

Patient-friendly climate in Malaysia is great for quick recovery after skin care procedures which include YAG Laser for $150 to remove skin imperfections, facelifting with fillers for $550, fat mesotherapy for $130, and more.

Local skin experts especially those dealing with dermatology at Prince Court MC are known for successful scar removal, UV and stem cell therapy, anti-ageing packages, dermaroller as well as creating their own skin remedies.

Dermatology in Malaysia offers screening and treatment for the following conditions:

  • eczema
  • allergy
  • skin cancer (For alternative cancer therapy, read about Rigvir cost.)
  • eye bags and dark circles
  • age spots
  • psoriasis
  • etc.

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