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Weight loss surgery in Mexico with personal suites and gastric bypass for $6,000

An increasing number for American and Canadian citizens started crossing Mexican border in search of obesity treatment in 1980s. Skyrocketing cry for weight loss treatment and reasonable cost has encouraged Mexican surgeons to go deep into bariatric surgery who now offer affordable and accessible medical help to patients with high BMI.

By way of example, in Mexico you may find duodenal switch for $7,000, gastric bypass for $6,000, and gastric sleeve plication for $4,000. Private rooms for patients are equipped with WiFi, TV, nurse call buttons, adjustable beds, in-built bathrooms, etc.

Bariatric surgery in Mexico includes such procedures as:

  • gastric sleeve surgery
  • gastric sleeve plication
  • gastric bypass surgery
  • gastric band surgery
  • mini-gastric bypass surgery
  • gastric balloon
  • duodenal switch
  • etc.

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