South Korea
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Medical treatment in South Korea offers latest hi-techs and prices competitive with Thailand

Health tourism in South Korea features DaVinci Bladeless Lasik and a nose job from $5,000

  • Family health screening that lasts 1 day, tourist-friendly attitude, and easy-on-the-pocket prices make South Korea a popular destination in patients from Canada, the US, South Africa, and Japan.
  • Treatment is provided to foreign patients at the state level. The government is providing financial support to clinics and hospitals equipping them with recently invented hi-techs and investing in the education of medical personnel.
  • The state has provided for quick and easy obtaining of visa documents for those seeking medical care in clinics in South Korea.
  • South Korea is known for applying DaVinci Bladeless Lasik, larynx botox implants, and robotic surgery leading to one of the world’s highest patient survival rates after surgery. On top of that, Korean traditional medicine as part of rehab programs is in high demand including acupuncture and herbal massage.
  • Prices on medical treatment in South Korea for uninsured foreign patients remain quite attractive compared to Singapore and even Thailand. For example, Korean hospitals charge $10,000-$12,000 for hip replacement, from $5,000 for nose reshaping, from $900 for a dental implant, etc. Some foreign patients looking for treatment in Korea often opt for services in Spain, Switzerland, and Latvia especially when it comes to virotherapy and Rigvir.
  • By 2015, in South Korea, there were 27 medical institutions accredited by JCI - the most reputable US-based authority in accrediting healthcare organizations based on international standards.