South Korea
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Otolaryngologists in South Korea offer specialized cochlear implants for adults and kids

Korean ENT specialists apply robotic and minimally-invasive surgery to bring you back your hearing, sense of smell, and voice. Adult and paediatric patients from Japan, the U.S., and Canada come here to treat partial or total hearing loss with the help of special electronic cochlear implants (hearing aid).

Prices on ENT services at most Korean hospitals are much more affordable than in, say, the U.S. or the rest of Southeast Asia. As a rough example, cochlear implant costs about $20,000 while adenoidectomy may reach up to $1,500 including surgery and an overnight stay.

Conditions treated by otolaryngologists in South Korea include:  

  • hearing loss
  • voice and speech disorders
  • head & neck cancer
  • facial palsy
  • severe allergies
  • sinusitis
  • etc.

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