South Korea
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Scar-free FUE hair transplant in South Korea and highest hair graft survival rate in Southeast Asia

You may find clinics offering hair restoration in South Korea and Seoul around every corner. This is largely because of quick and safe nature of hair transplantation with 98% hair graft survival rate. Apart from traditional FUE and FUT techniques, you may also find places offering stem cell therapy for hair loss treatment.

In South Korea, you may find hair clinics offering grafts from $2,7 to $4 per piece. Just as in any other places, the more grafts you transplant, the lower the price per graft you can expect.

Hair restoration in South Korea offers:

  • FUT
  • FUE
  • stem cell therapy

Male and female patients from abroad searching for treatment options in South Korea also inquire about cardiology in Switzerland and Rigvir cost.