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Medical tourism in Spain allows you to stay with your companion as long as you need

During your medical treatment in Spain, you can stay with your family member in a hospital ward 24/7,  pay less than $2,000 for a dental implant, and recover at Costa del Sol

  • According to the WHO, Spain takes the 7th place in the world ranking in terms of safety in healthcare and affordable prices on medical services.  
  • Spain is a fairly popular European destination if you need surgery as here you can benefit from modern robotic surgery, minimally-invasive surgery, and microsurgery. Local surgeons always prefer treating and restoring to replacement and resection. So, if you suffer from pain in your knee they will make every effort to preserve and treat it other than replace it with a prosthesis.
  • Once you enter a hospital’s lobby, welcoming English-speaking staff will guide you through every stage of your hospital stay. If you plan to arrive from outside the country, they will meet you at the airport and make sure your appointments are scheduled one after another to save you time.
  • Health tourism in Spain mostly competes with Switzerland and Thailand keeping local healthcare system up and offering an all-inclusive joint replacement for $17,5000, IVF cycle from $5,500, LASIK eye surgery for $2,000 per eye, and dental implant including abutment and crown from $1,900.
  • Hospitals across Spain including Barcelona and Madrid normally would let you have a companion with you 24/7 in a single hospital ward. Also, they offer donor database for those in need of a kidney transplant, recovery/childbirth at local Costa del Sol, and no waiting times.
  • By 2015, in Spain, there were 24 medical institutions accredited by JCI under Hospital Program - the most prestigious organization providing standardization services to hospitals worldwide.

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