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Cancer treatment in Spain features high-tech port-a-cath for chemotherapy patients

Traditionally, cancer care teams throughout Spain consist of oncologists, reconstructive surgeons, endocrinologists, and biochemists. They apply proven techniques such as OSNA method to minimize the necessity of repeated operation and port-a-cath to free a chemo patient from receiving needle injection every single session.

In Spain, prior to chemo- or radiotherapy, every female patient has access to preserving oocytes, embryos, and ovarian tissue. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, be prepared to pay anything between $13,000 to $17,000 for combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Below see the list of conditions and methods applied by Spanish oncologists:

  • breast cancer: partial/complete removal of breast, chemo, radiotherapy, reconstructive surgery
  • prostate cancer: removal of prostate, radiotherapy, radiosurgery, chemo, hormone therapy
  • lymphoma: chemo, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, stem-cell therapy
  • etc.

International patients searching for cancer care in Spain often inquire about virotherapy in the UK and hair transplantation in Thailand.