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Medical tourism in Switzerland features price range between Europe and the U.S.

The walls of hospitals in Switzerland were the first ones in the world to see a pacemaker and Panthenol.

  • Chocolate, cheese, and watches aren’t the only markers of Switzerland. Thousands of people from Japan, the U.S., UK, Norway, Italy, and the UAE choose this cozy Alpine location to entrust their money and bodies.
  • Switzerland has pioneered the first coronary artery bypass surgery, Panthenol, Diclofenac, and a pacemaker. Swiss powerful research centers tightly cooperate with pharmaceutical companies to ensure that patients benefit from the latest developments as soon as possible.  
  • Switzerland has been chosen as a medical destination by Charlie Chaplin, Freddie Mercury, Sophia Loren, and the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.
  • Swiss physicians advance their medical skills every year which is ensured and closely monitored by Swiss Medical Association.
  • Prices in Swiss hospitals have never been easy on the pocket. However, individual hi-tech treatment programs, complete privacy, and luxury wards resembling Fairmont Hotel rooms fully offset the costs. In Switzerland, total hip replacement is in the neighborhood of 18,000 excluding implants, angioplasty reaches $13,000, basic IVF cycle starts from $9,000 while MRI is about $1,000. For financial reasons, international patients searching for treatment in Switzerland also browse Thailand for aesthetic procedures, Turkey for hair transplant surgery, and Latvia for Rigvir study.