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Cardiac surgery and cardiology in Switzerland feature scar-free transcatheter techniques

Having invented an artificial pacemaker (a small device implanted in the chest to control your heartbeat), to date Swiss heart surgeons perform rare operations on adults and children. Almost all interventions are made on the basis of transcatheter techniques which means almost no incisions, less pain, and only a few days in the hospital.

At Swiss cardiac centers, costs of treatment remain slightly above average compared the the rest of Europe. Specifically, heart valve replacement starts from $48,000 while heart bypass surgery is in the neighborhood of $44,500. Therefore, foreign patients looking for heart care in Switzerland also browse heart surgery in Spain. 

Heart surgery in Switzerland involves:

  • balloon dilatation for narrow heart valves
  • stent implantation in cases of coronary artery disease
  • chemical ablation of septum if there are signs of a life-threatening arrhythmia
  • heart transplantation
  • etc.

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