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Childbirth in Switzerland is a pleasant high-tech experience for pregnancies of any complexity

Gracious service, hi-tech pain management techniques, and no hospital infection make Switzerland a lot more popular in mothers-to-be than any other location in Europe. Here, based on medical indications local obstetricians perform epidural anesthesia, acupuncture, or C-section if your situation requires. The discharge normally takes places on day 3 after birth.

In most cases, a big part of giving birth in Switzerland is handled by a midwife on call

If you choose to deliver in Switzerland, you may consider hiring an independent midwife which is quite popular here. The benefits of using the service of on-call midwives are many: she will teach you how to breathe during labor, breastfeed your baby, and instruct on basics of home birth.

When it comes to the cost of delivering a baby in Switzerland, be prepared to pay $11,000 for C-section and around $9,000 for natural birth. For those considering traveling abroad to deliver, childbirth in USA can also be a good option.

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