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Hip and knee replacement in Switzerland is performed with high-end prosthesis

In Switzerland, depending on your condition orthopaedic surgeons will use either classical or non-invasive methods to put you back on track. In most cases, they try to keep or restore your original joint. Sometimes, weight loss programs to reduce pressure on joints can be recommended.

However, if you still need surgery, at Swiss hospitals you have access to high-end joint replacement and prosthesis that notably speed your rehabilitation. Here, be prepared to pay at least $18,000 for hip replacement and from less than $45,000 for knee replacement. While the price range remains above average, many foreign patients opt for hip and knee replacement in Austria.

In Switzerland, orthopaedic surgeons will offer you sophisticated treatments for:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • damaged cartilage
  • rare spinal infections
  • degenerative conditions
  • etc.

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