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Medical treatment in Turkey offers all-inclusive packages in all medical specialties

Health tourism in Turkey welcomes cross-border patients with its 52 JCI-accredited hospitals and 30% lower prices than in Europe

  • About 15 years ago Turkey’s healthcare system has been upgraded to a different level as hospitals have become high-tech facilities with trained medical personnel. The dramatic shift has occurred when Turkish government and private companies joined their efforts.
  • Turkish clinics offer an excellent alternative to treatment in the U.S. with no visa required and short-term flights from any European destination. At the same time, tight cooperation with U.S. hospitals and universities makes Turkey a rewarding platform for latest treatment protocols, equipment, and specialist exchange.
  • Turkey is a good option for those considering treatment in Germany or Israel because of lower costs, similar surgical equipment, and advanced skills local staff acquires during professional workshops and meetings in Europe, the U.S., and Southeast Asia. For instance, hair transplant package including 2,000 grafts, medication, accommodation, and pick-up service costs about $2,850 while the price for 33 radiotherapy sessions may range from $17,000-18,000. 
  • Tourist-oriented medical treatment in Turkey caters even the pickiest patients. Around-the-clock nurses are available at any stage of diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation. Staff members are fluent in English while other languages are also available upon request.
  • In Turkey, 52 medical institutions have passed JCI accreditation program "Hospital”. JCI accreditation is valued as a gold standard of quality in the medical world at the international level.

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